Jackie Pippin

Welcome to my blog!  I will cover a number of topics all centered around our relationship with God.

Let me tell you how this site works. This is the landing page because that is exactly what you do. When you come to my blog you land here first.

Next go to the menu in the right hand corner. The last word is BLOG and is a bit hard to see. Click on that then scroll down to read my new post. Or, you can click on ABOUT to find out more about me and my blog. CONTACT is, of course, just that, a place to make contact and comment on the blog posts. I hope you will use it often. I want to hear from you!

My desire is that you take away at least one thing from my site. The knowledge that God doesn’t just see everything  you do during the day, he takes delight in you and and the details of your life!  With that in mind know you are loved and precious to him. Take delight in him too. Your life will be changed forever!