Fear the Worst

I have a snake in my flower garden next to my front door.

A harmless slender garter snake. I keep a look out for that snake. It terrifies me. My husband tells me that it’s harmless. Yet, all my life I have had a strong irrational fear of all snakes.  In fact, I am afraid of pictures of snakes. I even have a fear that my hand will accidentally touch a picture of one.  You should have seen me checking the internet to identify the type of serpent I had. Irrational.

It’s February. I think it should be hibernating but ,no, it came out of hibernation early to torment me and interfere with my enjoyment of the daffodils.

I also have a tremendous rational fear of sin and its consequences and irrational fears can be stronger than rational ones.  It’s easy to let my fear of sin slip. Sin can become attractive and comfortable. Since that is an ungodly thing to let happen I pretend it hasn’t while I scream  at the sight of a snake. I don’t understand that but at times I have let my guard drop on my otherwise tremendous rational fear of sin. Has that ever happened to you?

I sometimes become so fearful that I imagine that if I open the front door the snake will slither into the condo without me being able to stop it. I imagine it getting under the bed and we have to move into a hotel. It’s an awful fear.

Why don’t I see sin trying to get in the door, invading my home?  Why am i not always vigilant of its presence? Why am I not careful to walk around sinful places  and thoughts. Why am I not so fearful of sin that I refuse to look at pictures of it? Why does modern entertainment not terrify me?  It is much more dangerous to my relationship with God than a garter snake.

Allowing my mind to be filled with moving into a hotel because of an imaginary creature under my bed is not taking every thought captive to Christ. It is having a fearful mind.

2 Corinthians  10:5  . . .  and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Maybe your irrational fear is not about snakes.  Maybe you are more afraid of ghosts than snakes. It doesn’t matter what it is. The problem lies with allowing the irrational fear to outweigh the real fears of life.

Do you allow your  mind to get preoccupied with another person that you know is wrong for you? Someone who is not devoted to God. This is something that should scare you. Being too involved with non Christian music should be a rational fear as it can lead you away from God.

I know it isn’t easy. I am still scared of that little snake. But there are worse things that can occupy my mind and enter my home.

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