Why Sunday Matters

I haven’t  been to church in a while. I don’t fret over it because that would not make circumstances any more amicable to getting there. We have 3 Sunday morning worship services and no evening service. During these three services Bible study groups (community groups) are meeting simultaneously. So you have various ways to do it. You can just do one or you could do worship first and study second or vice versa. There is also a community group that meets after worship to discuss the sermon together.

My problem is that the last meeting time is 11:30 a.m.  So as that groups lets out, I am just starting to contemplate a  shower. My body does not respond to mornings even with medications, coffee, and lately Mountain Dew.

It only works for me about once in a blue moon although I have forgotten how long that actually is. I may not make it even that often.  I certainly don’t make it once in a fortnight.  A fortnight is two weeks. I do remember that one.

So when I read this blog by Abigail at Home and Stay  it resonated with me.  Jump on over to check out her blog. With Abigail’s permission here is part of her post.

Why Sunday Matters


I’m home again this Sunday. More sickness. Which means I’m writing down everything on my mind. Forgive the disparate nature of it all.

I’ve been trying to get to the nub of why missing church hurts so badly. Is it because I don’t get to hear the sermon? Or the Sunday school teaching? Well, yes. But no, because I can listen to those later in the week when the recordings become available. Is it because I feel cooped up and want to see people and have some social time? Well, yes. But no, because I get to see people and get out other days of the week.

What I miss most is hearing, receiving, and singing together. When we hear the Word preached together, it’s different than me downloading some killer sermon to listen to by myself. When we sing songs together, it’s different than when I find the latest or best hymn album to listen to in my kitchen. It’s valuable to do those things at home, but it’s not the same as being with God’s people on Sunday.pablo (5)

When we gather as God’s people and sing a song to the Lord and about the Lord from our heart, with other Christians singing the same song, and the same words, from their hearts, we are being united. Every Sunday morning God is answering Jesus’ prayer that we would be one as he and the Father are one. When we submit ourselves fully to the faithfully preached Word of God we are being made one as shoulder to shoulder our brothers and sisters put themselves under that same Word. That’s what I miss so much.

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