Good News!

Please forgive me for bragging so much in these past two blogs. We are so happy! The birth of a baby is such a delightful event it has to be shared. Just as it is remarkable for parents so it is for grandparents.

Little did I know that as I was writing last week’s blog about the imminent birth of our granddaughter,  Emmy Louise was born Saturday evening April 1st . We got the call just after I finished my blog. We were at home waiting, thinking we would go to the hospital on Sunday for the birth.

Mom, Dad, Baby and Brother are all doing well! Emmy came in at 7 lbs. 13 oz. with coal black hair and the cutest bow shaped upper lip!

Her two year old brother was calling her, “that baby,” instead of “sister” as they have practiced. I am wondering how he feels now that he realizes “that baby” has come home to stay!

Eli is a gentle and sensitive child so I know he will teach “that baby” all the ropes.



Both of Emmy’s parents and her brother are blonde so I was really surprised to see this little mass of black hair! But it is a reminder to me when Emmy’s father, my older son, was born with tow white hair and big blue eyes!  My mother said she could never imagine me having a baby that looked like that and wondered if he had been mixed up in the nursery! I can’t think of a single blonde or light skinned person on either side of my family.

This just goes to show that God fills our quivers with HIS arrows, not copy cats of anyone. I am always so eager to see which parent the baby resembles but always they are simply God’s creation.



This is Emmy and her Papaw.


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Until next week! May all of God’s blessings be your own!

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