Your Greatest Moment

When there’s a new baby in the house, life will never be the same. Not ever. Even forty years down the road your life will have been changed because of that person in your family.

Hopefully it will be because there has been another person to love, to teach,  to comfort, and to be taught by, comforted by and loved by. Your lives will be intertwined. It is the same with the spiritual world.

When you have helped a new believer to be born again, your life should never be the same. The angels in heaven rejoice and so should we. The household of faith is to care for each other first. Loving them, having patience with them as they grow, teaching them the articles of faith, giving them utmost care as they must go back to work and back to their families a new person. Accepting Christ is a game changer in everything we do, so be in close contact, being an example of Christian living in all you do.

How sad I feel when I hear someone asked what their greatest moment was and they reply when my child was born, or when I got married. These are wonderful blessed times no doubt. But it tells me they are not Christians and I feel sad for them. If you have ever met Jesus and his gift of salvation there is no greater moment. This life changer overshadows all other earthly moments.

Weymouth New Testament
For “every one, without exception, who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

It means you are sealed for heaven by the HolySpirit. You will live with Christ forever no longer having a sin nature there. No longer making hurtful mistakes, no longer having bad feelings toward someone. You will never commit another sin but live in paradise for time unending. It’s hard to grasp what God has created for us in his house! And, it means we have the support of God and of the church in this life. We have forgiveness in this life until we are transformed in heaven.

Their is no greater moment than when Christ enters your life. The next thing to do is your first act of obedience. Baptism. Revealing to all the church that you are saved.

Nothing is more important. No moment is more meaningful. No action is more beautiful! We are now in God’s own family changed forever.  We don’t make decisions without his counsel.  We take care of those in the household of faith who have less than we do. We pray for more “babies” to be born into the kingdom. And, we do not give God rest until we see those persons saved.  We belong to a new family now and we treat all brothers and sisters in Christ as if they are just that, our brothers and sisters, members of one family.

Read the New Testament to encourage yourself in Christ so you will grow up in all things!

I’m excited just writing this! I pray for you!  I want the best of God’s blessings to grow you to maturity!! I’m excited because salvation and growth in Jesus is exciting!

Come to Christ and your life will never be the same!

Ephesians 2:1-9

4 thoughts on “Your Greatest Moment

  1. Sweet Jackie. I just want to thank you again for the inspiration in your written words. I do enjoy reading your messages so much. Not only do I feel closer to Christ, but to you also. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Say a prayer for me. Love you my friend.


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