The Truth Will Set You Free

The American war for independence was hard fought and hard won.

The colonists drew weapons on a  familiar face and a  common heritage. For the colonists knew the truth: They could not grow as nation as long as they were controlled by other forces. Still this knowledge of truth was not a formula that guaranteed success, nor did it produce instant liberty. This truth was the catalyst, the driving force, that gave them the courage to wage the battle even when they were frightened, tired, and discouraged.

Today, too many of us think a truth can be recited from a creed and freedom can be claimed by declaring it so.

Discovering truth is a difficult task. Truth is not the hope diamond. It is not a jewel already chiseled ad polished. Rather it is mined piece by piece. And, in the process of  finding, learning about, working through, and living with truth, freedom is born.


     Like precious stones truth reflects the secrets of our lives. Perhaps  you have been controlled by unrealistic fears or all too real addictions. Perhaps, like the colonists, your biggest enemy is familial, going back through generations.

In John 8 31-32, Jesus told his followers if they had held to his teaching (did what he said), they would really be his disciples (changed people).Then they would know the truth. They would actually experience it in their lives. They would discover it for themselves and the truth would set them free.  The celebration of new behaviors would engage them in the process of freedom.

Change is a massive battle,  and living as a free person is not easy. Old masters must not only be thrown off, they must be kept from returning. The continued practice of new actions will stand guard over your freedom.  The battle is formidable. But ask any veteran–knowing the truth is your finest ammunition!




Are any of these taskmasters governing your time or your relationships?

 ADDICTIONS: drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling

OBSESSIONS: money, shopping, work, your age or appearance, health, success, possessions

PASSIONS:  anger, guilt, jealousy, rage, hate, bitterness, envy, power

HABITS:  Too much television, abusive language, overeating, poor food choices, speeding, tardiness, procrastination

FEARS:  death, pain, disease, becoming a crime victim, of loss, of crowds

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