All Blogged Out!

As some of you know i had a back injury at physical therapy. Come to find out I was misdiagnosed by the surgical nurse and could not get an appointment with the neurosurgeon till last week. It seems, I need a procedure done. I go to a pain clinic but they have maxed out what they can give me at this point. My pain clinic and my neurosurgeon agree with what I need but so many people are involved.  The former, my family doctor as well as my lab. I have been on blood thinners for over twenty years and will have to be off for a while before the procedure can be done. I ended up at the emergency room again this morning so when that injection wore off, it wore off badly!!

I called each office involved and everyone except my lab person were out of the office. She was very compassionate and said that tomorrow she will gather the doctor and his nurse and see if we can’t speed things up a bit. It is getting worse so please keep me in me in your prayers.