Christ has brought me through!

I finally had my nerve ablation in my lower spine this afternoon! I am doing ok. SORE. But OK. I have waited months for this, put my life on hold as if it were not on hold already. Many trips to the emergency room. Many nights sitting up crying so Judge could sleep and go to work the next day. Many nights keeping him awake. Now I understand it can take 4 days to 2 weeks for the nerves to die so the healing is rather slow.

I thank you all for baring with me! Friends have brought food, sat with me while cried, toted me to the emergency room, and bought almost all of my  Christmas gifts. I ordered a few.

Now it will take a while to get my muscles working again as I seldom have left the condo.

My family ha taken excellent care of me. I owe them one or twenty. Stephen came from Chattanooga to stay a week to care for me so Judge could work. He is a very tenderhearted young man.

Christmas I will be very thankful but mostly sitting around. What joy Eli and Emmy  (grandchildren) will bring to us!

Today is Friday and I have no back pain at all. I have cried with joy!

God bless all of you! Merry Christmas! Christ has brought me through!

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