The Joys of the Past

When I think of the past I sometimes don’t consider the joyful times. I tend to be an Eeyore. I remember the things I did wrong, wishing I could correct them. Not exactly a Christian virtue. I do, however, hang on to the beautiful time of marriage, the birth of my sons and grandchildren. I easily remember the cute things they said or did.

I also enjoy recalling my salvation and baptism.

This past weekend I left behind all hurtful feelings of the past and took great joy remembering with my family the happiness of our mutual times with my mom.

My mom was buried on Saturday the day before Easter. She would have liked that, being buried on resurrection weekend.

Her oldest grandson is John Goodwin. How special it was for her and me, for all of us, when John became part of our family! He was my ring bearer and I thought he was the most handsome little boy I had ever seen! (He continues to be a good looking man.)

He and his wife Tosha have a son Graham, a daughter Gracen, and a little girl on the way. It was so good to see them, to be with them this weekend. Nanny, as they called her, loved her grandchildren so much!

We had 5 toddlers under the tent at the grave site. It was a joyous time to see the going and coming of generations. Mom would have appreciated it.

Stephen, my younger son, and Judge, my husband, read Scripture at the burial. Seth my older son closed with prayer. I invited everyone to take a rose from the spray on the casket. Mom loved roses and she would have liked that too.

We exchanged “Nanny” stories. If you knew her, you would understand.

We drove back to Knoxville and Sunday we celebrated Easter and the first birthday of our granddaughter, Emmy.  What a wonderful day!

I thank all of you who know me for your condolences. Your thoughts, kind words and prayers are appreciated.  Blessings to all of you!


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